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Dirt Jump Bikes at Halfords

Dirt Jump Bikes are a type of BMX, but they're specially made for flying through the air and performing tricks before landing in a pile of dirt. Extremely exhilarating, this type of riding will get the blood pumping.

Dirt Bikes are different from BMXs in that they have larger, thicker and more knobby tyres and a lower saddle for ultimate control. They're also extremely strong so they can withstand all that jumping and landing.

Here at Halfords we have a great selection of Voodoo Dirt Bikes for all riders - whether you're an inquisitive beginner or a pro. We also have a selection of body armour to keep you safe and injury free.

We'll even build your bike for free (excludes Trax) as well as offering a six-week service in store, meaning you get more time out in the dirt.