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Cleaning & Body Repair at Halfords

When you do the sums you will be surprised at how much time you spend in your vehicle, even a 20 minute journey to and from work every day will add up. Unsurprisingly then how messy your car may get so it is important you keep it clean.

Cleaning your car on a regular basis not only keeps it looking great, but helps to protect your bodywork too. It also means you will never feel embarrassed when you have to offer lifts to your friends or family.

We work with the leading brands like Karcher and TurtleWax to offer you a great choice of products at great value for money prices. It doesnt matter if you're after that simple car shampoo or the latest Karcher Pressure washer. At Halfords it is all covered.

We've got everything from car wax and car shampoo to alloy wheel cleaner and car detailing kit. In fact we've got everything you could ever need to keep your car looking brand new.