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Daytime Running Lights at Halfords

Daytime running lights are low wattage LED bulbs that are fitted to your vehicle to improve its visibility during the day. You may have already seen them fitted to newer vehicles; as it became a lgal requirements on vehicles manufactured after 7th February 2011.

the advantages of using daytime running lights are numerous but the key benefit is that they are low power consuming and have an extended lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Although there is no legal requirement to fit them to your car, many people are choosing to for the simple reason that they look pretty good, all while improving your cars visibility. Win win really!

Halfords sells a range of Daytime Running Lights that can be easily fitted to any car. Take a look online or pop into your local Halfords store to find out more about these and our wider range of car accessories including wiper blades and car bulbs.