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Shampoo at Halfords

The Winter weather brings rain and snow, which means the roads are dirtier and covered in salt. Unfortunately this means a dirtier car and it's important we keep it clean to protect the paint as well as improve the look of the car.

It gets expensive visiting a professional car wash every time your car gets dirty and sometimes it's easier to wash your car at home, but it's important you have the right materials before doing the job yourself.

Here at Halfords we have a range of car shampoo, including Autoglym. Just like other shampoo, car shampoo produces a foam which gently gets rid of dirt and grime from the road without ruining the wax protection on the car.

Have a mooch around our site or head down to your nearest Halfords store, where we'll be more than happy to help you choose a car shampoo which will get the best results for your car.