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In air conditioning systems, there are a number of intricate parts which all contribute to the effective operation of your car's cooling. With a number of different liquids and gases involved, it's vital that it's all working properly

The actuator helps to convert the energy in the liquid refrigerant into the movement of cold air, effectively being the part which gives the essence of the air conditioning system itself. Put simply, it provides your car's air conditioning system with its inherent climate control.

If you've been having air conditioning problems, the actuator may need to be replaced. Air conditioning systems shouldn't go neglected because of the gases involved, amongst other reasons, and finding the right parts couldn't be easier with Halfords.

If you'd prefer to order online, that's great - you can have the parts delivered to your local store for next day collection. If you need help finding the right product for your car then visit your local Halfords store, our experienced team will be happy to assist.