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Solid Flywheel Conversions

Flywheels are a piece of engineering genius. They provide continuous energy to a part without needing to receive continuous energy themselves. The energy they do receive is stored in the movement and rotation of the flywheel, which is then continuously passed to the next part.

In a car, this is represented by the accelerator pedal and injection system not sending a steady force to the wheels.

Even if you've not got your foot down on the pedal, the car still rolls along quite merrily. That's the flywheel in action.

Replacing a flywheel can be a tricky business, and finding the right part can be no easier. We're here to take some of the load, though, if you'll pardon the pun. Just pop into your nearest store and our scolleagues will be on hand to find the right flywheel or solid flywheel conversion for your vehicle.