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Sat navs are a must-have these days, but it's worth doing your research when you're buying one. There are loads to choose from, but a good sat nav should make your life easier, not harder.

Make sure your sat nav is up-to-date and can get you from A to B in the quickest time possible. It's good to have some extra features too.

Sat Nav Buyer's Guide

The Techie Stuff

Sat navs are often called GPS systems, because they use Global Positioning Satellites that orbit the earth to locate their position. They are transferable from one vehicle to another and are ready to use straight from the box.

Different map levels

You can buy sat navs with different amounts of mapping information. They range from sat navs with just UK street maps (including motorways, major and minor roads) through to ones with full European mapping (45 countries).

different map level

Features to look out for

These days, sat navs do more than just plan your route. You may want to buy a sat nav that:

  • can give you live traffic updates.
  • can tell you when a speed camera is nearby.
  • can warn you of potential hazards.
  • can help you access emergency assistance.
  • has Bluetooth technology that can link up with your mobile phone.
  • has lane guidance to guide you into the right lane at junctions. can track your own car. These are great for unfamiliar places, because you can park up, take your sat nav with you on foot and easily find your car later.

Sat nav fitting and demos at Halfords

We know that it's sometimes tricky to set up and use a sat nav. That's why our fully-trained advisors can set up yours and give you a demo for free. We also offer a fully integrated sat nav fitting service, where we actually install your sat nav into your vehicle.


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