Holding Icon Sports GPS Buyer's Guide

GPS has a wide range of uses in sport, and is becoming a popular way for people to track their performance when training. Find out more about the world of sports GPS with this guide from Halfords.

GPS technology is extremely useful for all sorts of sports & outdoor activities, because it allows you to monitor your position, as well as other key info such as speed, distance, and pace - all of which are vital in sports like running and cycling.

Some sports GPS products also supply you with other useful data such as heart rate and calories burned, allowing you to assess each workout. Read on below to discover more about the types of GPS sports products available and how they can help you push your performance to the next level.

Sports GPS Buyer's Guide

Types of Sports GPS

GPS running watches

GPS Running Watches

Worn just like a normal wristwatch, GPS running watches can track how far and how fast you've run.

Benefits -

  • Accurately record time, distance, pace
  • Save training data on an internal memory
  • Create workouts or race against previous lap times
  • Upload data onto your PC and share your progress with other runners online
GPS Cycle Computers

GPS Cycle Computers

GPS bike computers mount onto your handlebars and provide lots of handy info to help you get the most out of every ride.

Benefits -

  • Track time, distance, speed, cadence, location and calories burned
  • Store your ride data and review it later
  • Some advanced models can be used as a bike sat nav to help you find your way
Golf GPS

Golf GPS

Golf GPS systems provide all sorts of useful information to help improve your game when you're out on the course:

Benefits -

  • Gives accurate position data anywhere on the golf course
  • Shows distances to the green, plus info on fairways, bunkers, lakes and other hazards
  • Measure the distance you've hit your shots and record the data
Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS systems are typically used by hikers, campers, and explorers to track their location and where they are headed.

Benefits -

  • Pinpoint your position precisely
  • Display vital info such as terrain and difficulty
  • Designed to work even under tree cover and in canyons
  • Often used in the sport of 'geocaching', similar to a high-tech treasure hunt

Advantages of Sports GPS

Using a sports GPS as part of your training can offer many advantages. Whether you train for fun, fitness or for competition you can use your GPS to improve your performance and enhance the overall experience.

For example, seeing how far you have run, cycled, trekked or hit your shot can be a great motivator and help you keep pushing for your personal best.

Being able to analyse your performance on the computer following a session can also be rewarding - some devices even allow you to share your information online with your peers, meaning you can compare progress, pick up tips and share success stories with an online global community.

Sports GPS at Halfords

Our fantastic range of sports and fitness GPS products can be ordered online for delivery to your home, work or to a Halfords store of your choice.

Browse online today to find the ideal sports GPS solution for your training needs.

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