Holding Icon In Car DVD Players Buyer's Guide

In car DVD players are ideal for banishing boring journeys, allowing your passengers to watch their favourite movies while on the move. Take a look at our car DVD players buyer's guide to help you find the perfect player for you.

Buying a DVD player for the car is a great way to keep the kids entertained, especially if you're heading off on a driving holiday.

Also, if you opt for a portable DVD player, you'll be able to watch films almost anywhere, such as on a plane, in your hotel room or even in your tent or caravan. Find out more about the different types of DVD player available by reading through the guidance below.

In Car DVD Players Buyer's Guide

Types Of Car DVD Player

Types Of Car DVD Player

Here are the main types of in car DVD player available:

  • Portable DVD Players - Foldable, light DVD players that are easy to carry around. You simply unfold the player and place it on your lap or a flat surface, meaning you can watch movies pretty much anywhere.
    • Single screen - one person can watch a movie
    • Twin screens - two people can watch the same movie
    • Dual screens - two people can watch different movies
  • In-Dash DVD Players - Can be fitted into your vehicle's dashboard as part of a full in-car entertainment system. Halfords offer low-cost professional fitting on in-dash DVD players in-store.

Things To Consider When Buying A Car DVD Player

There are a few things to think about when deciding on an in car DVD player, such as:

  • Power source & playback time. Most portable DVD players will run on a rechargeable battery for around 2 hours, but if you want to watch it for longer than this, opt for one that can plug into your car's 12v cigarette lighter.
  • Portability. Do you only want to watch movies in the car, or would you like to take your DVD player anywhere? Portable DVD players offer the best flexibility, while in-dash DVD players are fixed into your car.
  • Do you want your DVD player to do more than just play DVDs? Many models these days will play music, photos and films from multiple sources, such as CDs, USB sticks and SD memory cards, giving you even more choice when it comes to in-car entertainment.

Order Car DVD Players Online

Car DVD players can be reserved online for collection in-store, or you can order for free home delivery.

Don't forget to pick up any DVD accessories you may need, such as DVDs, headphones, and carry cases. Order today!

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