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Whether your looking to go camping with the family over summer, or enjoy a festival over a weekend, we can help you choose the right tent
Camping Buyers Guide

Hints & Tips

  • Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Tent

    Insects like to live near water; lakes and pools and rivers and they also like wooded areas, where they are sheltered from windy conditions. Whilst you can use the insect nets on the doors and vents of you tent to protect you from the occasioal insect, it is best to pitch well away fro many areas with very high numbers of insects.

    • It is always a good idea to practice pitching your tent before your first trip; it ensures that you understand the instructions and become familiar with the procedure for pitching the tent. Why not do this at or near your home and in good weather conditions - much less stressful than attempting to pitch the tent for the first time on arrival at your holiday campsite, when the weather and or light may be less than perfect!
    • If you are new to camping you might want to consider trying a weekend at a campsite not too far from your home. This not only gives you practice at pitching the tent, but also it will help you establish what other items and accessories you haven't got that you will want to take with you on a longer trip.
    • Make a checklist of essential camping equipment before you leave - we've got a simple one for you to use.
    • Make sure your tent is dry before you store it to avoid mildew, so get it out again at home to clean it down and air it.

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