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A sleeping bag is an essential piece of kit when camping, as it can mean the difference between a warm night's sleep and a cold one! Use this handy guide from Halfords to compare sleeping bags.

There's a variety of sleeping bags available - what many people don't realise is that they're designed for different conditions and styles of camping. Make sure you buy the right one if you want a cosy night's sleep under the stars.

Compare Sleeping Bags at Halfords


The main thing to consider when comparing sleeping bags is when you'll be camping. To guide you, sleeping bags are rated in terms of seasons:

  • 1 season - Basic bags that are designed for use in the summer
  • 2 seasons - For mild/warm weather in the spring and summer
  • 2/3 seasons - For use in the spring, summer & autumn, when you might experience lower temperatures.

Also, take into account where you'll be camping. For instance, a sheltered campsite near the coast will be warmer than an exposed site up in the hills, where you'll probably need a bit of extra protection.


Use this table to compare sleeping bags. Look out for added features like shoulder baffles, double layers or a mummy-style shape, which help to keep in the heat.

  Adults   Kids
Halfords envelope sleeping bag Urban Escape Tahoe & Garda sleeping bag Lichfield Garten 300 sleeping bag Gelert sleeping pod sleeping bag Urban Escape Ultralight sleeping bag   Urban Escape tahoe kids sleeping bag Gelert snuggle 300 kids sleeping bag
Weight (g/m2) 250 300 300 300 120   300 300
Seasons Use* 1 2/3 3 2/3 2   2/3 2
Ridgehood for comfort   checked checked checked checked   checked checked
Internal security pocket for valuables   checked   checked checked   checked checked
Shoulder baffle for increased warmth   checked   checked checked      
Siliconised hollowfibre for better insulation   checked checked       checked  
3D hollowfibre for increased 'loft' and insulation         checked      
Double layer for better insulation   checked checked       checked  
Poly cotton soft touch liner for extra comfort     checked          
  View product View product View product View product View product   View product View product

*Seasons Use: 1 - Summer Only, 2 - Spring/Summer, 2/3 - Late Spring to early Autumn, 3 - Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Single = Single Double = Double Extra large single = Extra large single


A sleeping bag won't keep you warm unless you have insulation from the ground up. For this you'll need an airbed, camping mat or campbed, which will act as a barrier between you and the cold floor, as well as keeping you more comfortable.

Sleeping equipment and other camping gear is available to reserve online and collect at your local Halfords, or to buy online for home delivery. Browse our collection today!