Holding Icon Festival Camping Buyer's Guide

As well as seeing the bands, festival camping is a massive part of the festival experience. Make sure you're fully kitted out with Halfords' handy festival camping guide.

You'll be living outside for a few days at a festival, so taking the right kit is really important. Luckily Halfords is on hand to help - see below for tips on how to enjoy fun and comfortable camping with all the right equipment.

Festival Camping Buyer's Guide


Festival Tents

Let's start with the basics - you'll definitely need a festival tent to shelter you from the great British weather. Most people normally take a 1-2 man tent or pop up tent, as they tend to be light, cheap and quick to pitch, leaving you more time to get off and explore the site.

Second, you'll need some sleeping equipment. Sleep isn't always the first thing on people's minds at a festival, but you'll have to take a break from partying at some point! At the very least take a sleeping bag, pillow and camping mat. Also, don't forget camping lights.

Thirdly, you need enough clothes to last the weekend, with a mixture of warm, cool and waterproof items. Wellies are usually a must - nothing dampens your mood at a festival more than wet feet! You'll need a rucksack to carry all this in of course.


Once you've got the basics sorted, you can start thinking about how to make your festival camping more comfortable. If you can fit the following items in, they'll help to add a little luxury:

  • An airbed to sleep on and some camping furniture to sit on - with three days of walking and dancing, ahead of you, this will be a really worthwhile investment
  • Camping accessories like an eyemask and ear plugs, toiletries (dry shampoo and baby wipes are very handy), or even a solar shower to beat the queues at the shower block
  • Cooking equipment - while there's plenty of fast food available at festivals, it can be very expensive. Cook your own with a gas stove or barbecue - but check what you're allowed to take first
  • Drinks and a coolbox - no need to drink warm beer!
  • If you're going with a group of friends, taking a base tent or gazebo can provide a dry, warm place for you all to sit and have a drink.


To get the most out of your festival camping experience, get there early. This means you're more likely to get a prime spot to set up your tent, and can relax with a beer while everyone else is trying to squeeze theirs into the last bit of space on the field.

Also make sure you take all your camping gear with you when you leave - dumping it is bad for the environment, plus it will save you buying it all over again next year!


Our fabulous range of tents and camping equipment are perfect for festivals. You can browse our camping collection online then choose to reserve and collect in-store, or opt for home delivery.

Feel free to pop into your local Halfords for any festival camping advice - our staff are always on hand to talk you through the different camping products.


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