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Taking the kids away on a camping holiday doesn't have to be a hassle with the great range of family tents available. Read our buyer's guide for some helpful tips on how to pick the best family tent for a comfortable and enjoyable trip for all.

Camping is a good way to take the whole family away without breaking the bank, with the added benefits of fresh air, fun activities and some family bonding. A good quality tent will provide you with affordable holidays for years to come, so you should see it as an investment.

Family Tents Buyer's Guide


Family Tents

Family tents come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit different groups. The general factors you should consider when buying a family tent include:

  • Size - family tents range from 4 man tents up to 8 man tents, so think about how many people (big and little) it will need to accommodate. Being cramped is no fun!
  • Gear - you'll probably be taking some camping equipment and camping furniture along with you, so remember you'll need to fit this in the tent too.
  • Your car - how much space do you have in the boot?
  • Budget - go for the best quality that you can afford, as you want your tent to last and protect your family from the great British weather. The Urban Escape brand available exclusively at Halfords is a great quality choice.

Ideally, a family tent should be spacious, comfortable and robust enough to withstand both the weather and energetic kids - if it ticks all these boxes then you're onto a winner.


It's amazing what features are built into modern family tents, with some clever designs aimed at maximising space. Look out for some of the following, which will make for an even more cosy and fun-filled trip:

  • A canopy or porch - provides extra space to sit with a bit of shelter, great for a having that morning cup of tea, playing cards or simply sitting and relaxing. Also good for storing muddy hiking boots and footballs.
  • Separate sleeping and living areas - good for a bit of privacy and getting a decent night's sleep. Make sure you can fit in an airbed if you want the best comfort.
  • Multiple entrances - handy for easier access when there's a group of you getting in and out.
  • Removable bedrooms - useful if you have visitors, and can be removed to add to the living space.

However, it's important to consider how experienced you are at putting a tent up, as some larger family tents with added features can be a bit more complex. If you're not very confident or don't want to spend too much time pitching, stick to a simpler model or even consider a 4 man pop up tent.


Our range of family tents and other camping gear can be bought online for home delivery, or to reserve and collect at your local Halfords store.

It's simple to order - just browse our online collection, pop the items you want into the shopping basket, then proceed to the checkout to see your delivery/reservation options.

Getting the family outdoors couldn't be easier - buy today!


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