Holding Icon How To Camp - Camping For Beginners

Camping is a brilliant way to enjoy a break without spending loads of money, which is why many people are considering it for the first time this year. Take a look at our guide to camping for beginners to help get you started.

As well as being affordable, camping is great for spending some quality time with your loved ones and discovering the great outdoors. At first it may seem like there's a lot of kit to buy, but once bought, your camping equipment will provide you with holidays for years to come.

If you're a camping newbie, see below for some top tips on how to camp - and remember, practice makes perfect, so you'll soon get the hang of things once you've been away a few times.

How To Camp - Camping For Beginners

Camping for Beginners - Top Tips

Here are our top tips for camping beginners:

Tip 1 - Choose A Good Tent

Choose A Good Tent

Your tent is the first and most important piece of kit to consider. Make sure you buy one that will provide enough room for your group and their belongings, and practice putting it up in the garden before heading off. For more guidance on choosing an appropriate tent, you can take a look at our tents buyer's guide.

Tip 2 - Get the Right Equipment

Get The Right Equipment

There's plenty of camping equipment available to make your trip easier and more comfortable. Airbeds and sleeping bags are a must for a good night's sleep, while you'll also need a camping light for night-time. Folding chairs, tables, a rucksack and some tools are also handy - check out our camping equipment buyer's guide for more tips.

Tip 3 - What to Eat?

What To Eat

Consider what you'll be eating while you're away. Some people prefer to eat out, but for many campers cooking and eating outside is all part of the fun. Take along a camping stove or BBQ, coolbox and some plastic cutlery & crockery, and you'll have all you need to rustle up some outdoor cuisine. Take a look at our camping cooking tips for more guidance.

Tip 4 - Pick The Right Campsite

Pick The Right Campsite

For your first trip, pick a campsite that isn't too far from home and will meet your party's needs. For instance, if you're going with kids, you may want to choose one that has a playground and entertainment on-site. Also consider things like bathroom facilities, nearby attractions and whether pets are allowed. Don't forget the sat nav for the journey.

Tip 5 - Relax and Have Fun!

Relax & Have Fun

Remember, it's supposed to be a holiday, so take the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your surroundings. While a bit of advance planning is a good idea, there's no need to approach it like a military operation. If you forget to pack anything, there's usually a Halfords nearby where you can pop in and grab any essential items!

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