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Kids won't be protected by an adult seatbelt in a crash. The law says that children under 12 years of age must have a special seat if they're under 135cm in height and travelling in your car.

It's crucial that you pick out the right seat - it's all about your child's size and weight. There are dozens to choose from though, so let's take a look at the different types.

Car Seats Buyer's Guide

Types of child car seat

travel systems

Baby car seats

These are rear-facing seats for babies. Read our guide to baby car seats for more information.

Travel systems

These great-value packages include a baby car seat, pushchair and sometimes a carry-cot too. Read our guide to travel systems to find out more.

Child car seats

Designed for kids who have outgrown the baby car seats, but aren't big enough for a booster seat. Check out our guide to child car seats for extra help.

Booster seats

Does your kid just need a 'boost' so that they can safely use an adult seatbelt? Then these are the right option for you. Our guide to booster seats will tell you more.

Weight... there's more

Parents can use the manufacturers' table below to work out the size of the car seat you need. Just remember that your kid's weight is the most important factor, because children can grow at different rates, no matter what their age.

Group Band

Weight Band

Approx. Age Band

Group 0+

0 -13kg

Birth - 12 months

Group 0+1

0 -18kg

Birth - 4 years

Group 1

9 -18kg

9 months - 4 years

Group 1-2-3

9- 36kg

9 months - 12 years

Group 2-3

15 - 36kg

4 years - 12 years

You'll notice that some car seats fall into more than one category. That's because they can be adapted as your child grows. They may cost a little more initially, but long-term, they're great value.

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