Holding Icon Child Car Seat Buyer's Guide

If you're little one is past that squidgy little baby phase but hasn't quite reached booster seat status (or to be more precise, between the ages of 9 months to 4 years) then you're in need of a Group 1 Child Car Seat. These seats can be used in the back of the car and the front too, as long as you don't have an airbag as this could squash the poor little thing.

Your child is secured into the seat using a safety harness, and the seat itself is installed into the car using the seatbelt or the car's ISOFIX system. Once all strapped up and ready for an adventure your mini passenger will be protected from any bumpy journeys and a great deal safer should you suffer a crash - that's why it's the law to use one.

Child Car Seat Buyer's Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Child Car Seat

Child car seats buyer's Guide

Get the right seat and it'll make car journeys for the next few years a lot easier. Take into account your car as well as the size and weight of your little nipper when buying the seat and this'll make everything simpler and safer. If you're going to be using more than one car, make sure the seat's compatible with both.

Other things you should think about are:

Convenience - how easy is it to secure the seat and child in place?

Reclining mechanism and padding- a comfy kiddie is less likely to squeal

Side impact protection - added safety, just in case

Adjustable headrest/harness - they grow quickly don't they? Make sure your seat can keep up

Removable covers - in case someone has a little accident

Help is at Hand

If you need any help at all in choosing or installing your seat then don't hesitate to pay us a visit at your nearest store. We've got loads of choices on offer including top brands like Maxi Cosi, Britax and Pampero; and with a lowest price guarantee what's not to love? Plus our staff are friendly folk who are only too happy to offer advice and fit your seat for free.

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