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Like your jumps, speed and stunts? Welcome to the world of BMX biking.

BMX bikes came out of the USA in the 70s and they're still all the rage. In fact, BMX biking is now an Olympic sport, so they've never been more popular. BMX bikes are built to handle demanding riders, so they're strong, light and long-lasting.

BMX Bikes Buyers Guide
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BMX - enjoy some extreme cycling

BMX racing bikes

BMX racing bikes

BMX racing is fast and furious. If you want to speed over hills or sand dunes and go off-road, then this is the bike you need. Because BMX racing bikes usually have aluminium frames, they're lighter and more responsive - this means you'll be in control when you're hurtling over the ground.

BMX freestyle bikes

If you prefer tricks to racing, then you'll need a BMX freestyle bike. Get one of these and those daring jumps, spins and stunts won't seem so hard.

Whether you're in a skate park or just using walls, benches and other obstacles, BMX freestyle bikes have strong wheels and rising handlebars that can withstand the impact of landing after a big jump. They also have built-in stunt pegs for hopping around and balancing.

BMX bikes at Halfords

Check out our range of BMX bikes to see which one suits best. And if you need more help, just pop into your local Halfords.

Don't forget that we also sell protective clothing. Every BMX rider comes off their bike every now and then, so you might as well protect yourself. We can bundle helmets, gloves and pads together to save you money too.

We'll build your BMX bike for you and safety check it for free. Plus, you can bring your new bike to your local Halfords for a free service after 6 weeks so that one of our technicians can make sure it's still in top condition.

When you've decided on the look of your bike, just pop it into your basket. Then click and collect to either pick it up in store or have it delivered.

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