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Commuting to work can sometimes be a stressful experience. Stuck in the car in endless traffic, with road works and diversions for as far as the eye can see. However, there is another way, as the craze for the commuter bike is in full swing.

You can experience the joy of whizzing past stationary traffic, and keeping fit in the process. Here are some great choices of commuter bikes that may fit your needs. When you've decided, Halfords will even build your bike for free.

Best Commuter Bikes

The Best Bikes for Commuting

The best bikes for commuting
  • Folding Bikes - If bike commuting to you means hopping on public transport, or popping a bike under your desk at work, then these are for you. Lightweight and compact, they're the ultimate commuter cycle.
  • Hybrid Bikes - When your bike ride includes on and off-road cycling the features of a hybrid bike are a great option. They feature semi slick tyres for extra speed on the road coupled with the durability of a mountain bike.
  • Road Bikes - Lightweight, nimble and built for speed. If your commute only involves tarmac, and you like to get to places fast then these bikes are perfect.
  • Electric Bikes - If you're not keen on breaking out too much of a sweat on your way to work then electric is the way to go. Pedalling uphill and for long distances requires less effort, and gets you to your destination quicker. They're great for the environment - just charge up at home or at the office and off you go.
  • Fixie Bikes - ' Fixie' (short for 'fixed gear'), means there's only one gear, so to keep moving you need to keep pedalling. With no freewheel the bike can't coast, giving you a better connection with the road. When you get used to it they're fast, efficient and great for commuting. Also, with just having a single gear, bike maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Halfords Commuter Bikes

As well as our free bike build, we also offer a free six-week first service to make sure your dream bike is kept in great working order. If you're keen to build your own bike it can be delivered boxed direct to your door when you buy online. We're always happy to give assembly advice as well, or inspect any bike bought from us up to 12 weeks after delivery.

When you've decided what bike is best for you, why not check out our bike accessories page for plenty of essential items. We've got everything from cycle helmets to bike lights to help keep you safe and visible on the road.