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Antifreeze is a vital fluid for protecting your car's engine from freezing and overheating. However it must be handled correctly - see this Halfords guide for advice on how to use it safely, and guard against the risk of antifreeze poisoning.

Most motor vehicle antifreeze contains a substance called mono ethylene glycol, which is harmful when swallowed. That's why you must take care when adding it to your engine, ensuring that you don't leave any spills or open bottles lying around.

Vets often see a rise in antifreeze poisoning cases in pets around autumn, when people begin preparing their cars for winter. Antifreeze poisoning in children is far less common, but you must still keep it out of reach at all times.

Guard Against Antifreeze Poisoning

Safety Precautions to Prevent Antifreeze Poisoning

  • Antifreeze can have a sweet taste that is attractive to dogs and cats, as well as children. All Halfords antifreeze contains a bittering agent, an additive with a very unpleasant taste, as an added precaution against accidental swallowing.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using antifreeze.
  • Store antifreeze in clearly labelled, sealed containers well out of the reach of children and pets.
  • When topping up or changing your antifreeze, always check around for any spills on the floor and clear them up immediately.
  • Do not allow pets or children anywhere near your car when adding antifreeze.
  • Regularly check under your car to ensure coolant is not leaking, and get any leaks seen to as soon as possible.
  • Always dispose of antifreeze securely - your local authority should have information on how to do this in your area.
  • If you suspect an animal or child has swallowed antifreeze accidentally then seek medical help immediately.

Antifreeze at Halfords

To find out more about antifreeze and why it's vital to maintain the right levels in your car, see our guide to what is antifreeze.

Antifreeze and other winter essentials like screenwash and de-icer are available to reserve online and collect from your local Halfords, or to buy for home/work delivery.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when adding car fluids to your vehicle. Don't forget, Halfords offer a free five point car check in-store, and can top up engine oil and replace car batteries for a low cost if needed.