Holding Icon Charging Your Car Battery

Keeping your car battery healthy is one of those jobs that too many drivers ignore. Just a few moments spent regularly checking your battery can prevent you from being stranded.
Charging Your Car Battery


Tools/materials needed:

 Charging Your Car Battery

Step 1 - Disconnect

Charging Step 1

If possible, remove the battery leads. If not, disconnect the negative (-) cable, first checking that you have your car stereo security codes plus those for any other in-car equipment affected by power loss.

Step 2 - Attach Charger

Charging Step 2

Consult the battery charger's instructions to ensure that it is suitable for your car's battery and is set correctly. Fit the battery charger's red clip to the battery's positive (+) terminal and the black clip to the negative (-) terminal.

Step 3 - Switch on Charger

Charging Step 3

Connect the battery charger to the mains and switch on. A green light or other tell-tale signal should show. If nothing happens, switch off the battery charger at the mains and check that the leads are correctly attached to the battery.

Step 4 - Disconnect

Charging Step 4

Once charging is complete, (depending on the model) a second light will show. Disconnect the battery charger from the mains and remove the cables, starting with the black lead. Reinstall and/or reconnect the battery.