Holding Icon Common Car Battery Problems

Car battery problems are one of the biggest causes of cars failing to start and breakdowns on the road. This is despite the fact they can often be prevented - see this Halfords guide to common car battery issues and how they can be avoided.

Your car battery provides the power for your vehicle's electrical system and is essential for engine ignition. However, it's surprising how much this important car part is neglected by drivers, resulting in thousands of call-outs to mechanics and breakdown services each year.

With a little maintenance, you can prolong the life of your battery and keep it in good working order. Halfords can help ensure your battery remains in tip-tip condition - read on to find out more.

Common Car Battery Problems


There's nothing more annoying than trying to start the car in the morning and finding that the battery is flat. Here are the most common car battery problems and how to help prevent them:

  • Electrical equipment being left on without the engine running - Leaving electrics (such as headlights) on can drain your battery if the engine isn't running. Make sure you turn everything off when you switch off the engine.
  • Cold weather - Low temperatures are bad news for batteries. When it's cold your battery takes longer to recharge, its power output drops, and it can be overloaded by extra use of heaters, wipers and so on. Get your battery (along with other winter essentials like anti-freeze and screenwash) checked at your local Halfords in preparation for the colder months.
  • Excessive strain - Caused by running lots of modern electrical equipment like car CD players, iPods, sat navs, speakers, DVD players etc at the same time. Buying a powerful battery like our Bosch silver range means the battery will be better able to cope.
  • Corrosion or loose connections - Check for corrosion and that the clamps are properly connected to the terminals. If your battery is badly corroded it will probably need replacing - call into your local Halfords for a battery check and low-cost fitting.
  • Frequent short journeys - These don't give the battery a chance to recharge while the engine is running. Buying a car battery charger allows you to charge the battery from your home's mains electricity supply at regular intervals.
  • Alternator problems - The alternator charges your battery when the engine is running. If you suspect a problem with your alternator, staff at your local Halfords can take a look to see whether it's the battery or alternator that's faulty.


Halfords stocks a large range of car batteries. To find the right one for your vehicle, you can use our handy car battery lookup tool.

Batteries can be reserved online and collected in-store, where one of our technicians will be able to fit it professionally for a low cost.

It's also useful to keep a set of jump leads or a power pack handy in case you ever need to jump start if you suffer a flat battery. See our guide to jump starting for more guidance on this.