Holding Icon Car Bulb Buyers Guide

Choosing and fitting a new bulb for your car can be a lot trickier than it should be, so Halfords are here to help.

Car Bulb Buyers Guide

Our standard car bulbs

Our standard bulbs are easy to fit and don't need any changes to the wiring of your car. They're made to all vehicle manufacturers' original equipment standards and are safe and legal.

Need something extra? Try Halfords' Brilliance range.

You can buy sat navs with different amounts of mapping information. They range from sat navs with just UK street maps (including motorways, major and minor roads) through to ones with full European mapping (45 countries).

different map level

Features to look out for

We stock a range of bulbs which can throw more light on the road than ever before, all thanks to Xenon gas technology and precision filament:

  • Brilliance - these bulbs are up to 30% brighter than standard bulbs.
  • Super Brilliance - these bulbs are up to 50% brighter
  • Extreme Brilliance - these bulbs are up to 90% brighter.
  • Ultra Brilliance - these bulbs are up to 120% brighter.

Some extra features

We also sell:

  • all-weather bulbs that improve visibility in bad weather conditions.
  • shock-resistant bulbs that offer twice the life of a standard bulb.
  • quick-response bulbs at the rear that offer 15-20% more light than a standard bulb.
  • blue bulbs to give your car a modern look.
  • off-road bulbs designed for off-road use only.
  • car bulb kits to keep in the car for emergencies.

More help at Halfords

Use our car bulb look-up tool to work out which bulb to get. Just enter your car registration number and it'll bring up all the bulbs that you can pick from.

We fit headlight bulbs for £6.99 and other bulbs for just £3.99, subject to an inspection. We can also check your bulbs for free and give you all the help you need - just pop into your local Halfords.

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