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Ride your bike straight from the shop exactly how you want it and let Halfords fit your bike accessories for you. We can fit a wide range of parts from bike lights to child carriers to save you time and so you can enjoy your cycling.

We understand that when riding your bike you will want to personalise it for your needs. That's why at Halfords we not only stock a wide range of accessories for your bike, but will fit them for you too.

Halfords Bike Accessories Fitting

Halfords Bike Accessories Fitting

Whether you want a luggage rack fitted so you can carry your files on your daily commute, a child carrier fitted for family days out, or a cycle computer fitted so you can track your training, Halfords are here to help.

Furthermore, when you buy your bike built from store, we will fit all your accessories for free. We understand that it is important to be able to ride your bike straight from the store, so we take care of the fiddly jobs so you can get on with your riding.

We offer accessory fitting at fixed prices, so you know exactly what you'll be paying before we carry out the work.

Bike Lights (single or set) - £4.99
Cycle Computer - £9.99
Kick Stand - £3.99
Child Seat Trailer Buggy - £9.99
Mudguards - £7.99

Luggage Rack - £7.99
Bottle and Cage - £4.99
Pedals (pair) - £4.99
Saddle or Seat Post - £4.99

*If purchased from Halfords

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