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Scratches, chips and dents to your car bodywork are an everyday hazard and are often unavoidable. Halfords offer a scratch, chip and dent repair service which can save you up to 75% off bodyshop prices*
Halfords Car Repair Services

Halfords Car Repair Services

Scratch, Chip and Dent repair

Scratch, Chip and Dent Repair

While they don't affect your car's performance, they make your car look shabby, can lead to further repairs due to rusting and, worst of all de-value your car. See our tips for increasing the value of your car.

The great news is we can repair these imperfections with our Scratch, Chip and Dent Repair service, and at a fraction of the cost of what a traditional body shop would charge.

In fact you can save at least 75% on bodyshop prices* - guaranteed!

All of our workmanship is guaranteed for three years and we use trained bodyshop trained technicians that can carry out the work at your local store, your home, or place of work, providing you with a reliable, professional and money-saving alternative to costly bodyshop repairs. What's more, all work is guaranteed for 3 years!

* Based on a rolling national survey of bodyshop quotations

Scratches Repaired!

Scratches Repaired

Come to Halfords for repairs of scratches on vehicle bodywork. Our bodyshop-trained technicians find the exact colour match for invisible repairs. Prices start from just 65 and repairs are guaranteed for 3 years. Pre-booking maybe required so please contact your local Halfords store. Repairs are subject to vehicle inspection.

Chips & Dents Repaired!

Dent Buffer Chips & Dents Repaired!

Motorway journeys and loose chippings can often be bad news for your paintwork. Halfords provides a full Chip and Dent repair service. Our bodyshop-trained technicians completely remove unsightly chips and dents. Prices start from just 50 and repairs are guaranteed for 3 years! Pre-booking maybe required so please contact your local Halfords store for details. Repairs are subject to vehicle inspection.

Bumper Scuffs Repaired!

Bumper Scuffs Repaired

While shiny new body coloured bumpers look great, they are less impressive when they have been, well, bumped! Halfords bodyshop experts can repair scuffed, cracked or dented bumpers and use an exact colour match of paint to make all repairs truly invisible. Prices start from just 65 and the repairs are guaranteed for 3 years.

Visit your local Halfords now for an instant FREE no obligation quotation.

Pre-booking may be required and all repairs are subject to an inspection of the vehicle. Ask in store for details.

Windscreen Chip Repair

Did you know that a chipped windscreen can result in an MOT failure if it's in the driver's line of vision? Worse still if left alone, pot holes or even a cold winter can turn it into a full blown crack leading to costly windscreen replacement.

Save time and money with the help of our trained specialists. For as little as 45, our experts can repair your chip and make it virtually invisible. Using a special resin and vacuum tool, they can fill and seal the chip, before cleaning and polishing your windscreen back to new.

Car Interior Repair

At Halfords, it's not just the outside of your pride and joy that we can rejuvenate. Our team of professionals can give your tired looking seats or damaged dashboard the once over too.

Interior Seat Repair

Scratch, Chip and Dent Repair

Our fully trained professionals can repair your worn interior, including splits, holes and tears, to quickly and easily give you that new car feeling. Prices start from just 55, and you can be sure of a quality and professional finish.

Dash Repair

Whether you have a scuffed or cracked dashboard, or perhaps some holes left from an unwanted accessory, our team of trained specialists can repair it quickly and easily. Prices start from just 55 for an invisible finish.

All repairs are subject to vehicle inspection and some pre-booking may be required. Contact your local store for more information.

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* Based on a rolling national survey of bodyshop quotations