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Safety is the most important thing when it comes to cycling, especially kids' cycling. And choosing a safe bike means your child will be able to have fun and confidence when they're zooming around.

Cycle Safety For Children
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Buying the right bike

Safe cycling for kids

First and foremost, your little one needs a bike that's the right size for them. If they're sat on the saddle, they need to be able to plant their tip-toes firmly on the ground and grip the handlebars at the same time. That means they'll be able to reach the pedals and the brakes safely.

Why don't you pop into your local Halfords and one of our team will help you find the right bike for your child? Or you can check out our kids' bike buyer's guide for more info.

Tips for staying safe

  • There are a lot of budget bikes out there at the moment, but sometimes it's worth spending that little bit more. We sell plenty of bikes with additional safety features.
  • Get your child a bike with strong, durable parts that are built to last. Our Apollo range of kids' bikes are particularly hard-wearing.
  • Make sure you've got all the extra stuff you need - Halfords sell kids' helmets, protective clothing and all the crucial accessories.

Kids' bikes at Halfords

The best way to stay safe is to pick your bike online and let one of our technicians build it and safety-check it for free. You can pick it up in-store when it's ready or arrange for delivery.

You can also bring the new bike in for a free 6-week service so we can make sure it's still in top condition. Just select 'click and collect' to get started.

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