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Whether you want to take your wheels on the train or de-clutter your home, choosing a folding bike could be the answer. These versatile, practical bikes save space and hassle, so they're really popular - especially in busy towns and cities.

Folding Bikes Buyers Guide
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The benefits of folding bikes

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Your commute to work just got easier. With a folding bike you get the exercise you need, but because you can take it on the train or bus it doesn't matter if cycling your whole commute is impractical. Good folding bikes are really light, so they're not heavy to carry with you.

They're also very compact and easy to take on holiday. They'll slot right into the car boot - even in small cars. Maybe you've got a camping or caravanning trip coming up? Taking a bike gives you more options for exploring.

And because you can take a folding bike wherever you go, there's much less chance of it being stolen!

Folding bike features

Features to look out for

There are loads of folding bikes out there and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Try and make sure yours:

  • Has smaller wheels than normal bikes.
  • Is easy to fold up.
  • Is Sturdy when you're riding it.
  • Is light to both ride and to carry.

Folding bikes at Halfords

We sell plenty of folding bikes at Halfords. If you want some help choosing yours, check out our range online right now. Or just pop into a store - one of the team will be happy to help you out with all the best tips and advice.

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