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Road bikes are really popular at the moment and there are loads to choose from. Most people want a speedy bike with a slick design, but where do you start when it comes to buying yours? We can help.

Road Bikes Buyers Guide
Halfords Advice Centre | Road Bikes Buyers Guide

Benefits of a road bike

Road bikes are designed to be fast over long distances. The speed comes from the lightweight frames and the thin, smooth tyres are there to eat up the tarmac. Also, the low riding position of a road bike makes you’re more aerodynamic than on other bikes, so hold on tight.

Because of the light frame on these bikes, it’s easier to cycle for longer. The drop handlebars give you a number of different riding positions - always useful if you’re planning a long journey.

Exactly which road bike you go for depends on what you need. Are you commuting to work? Are you into road racing? Or are you a serious enthusiast after the thrill of the sport?

Make sure your road bike has quality parts from established brands such as Shimano or SRAM

Here are few top tips when it comes to buying your road bike:

  • Make sure your road bike has quality parts from established brands such as Shimano or SRAM.
  • Gear ratios will help you hit those top speeds.
  • Reliable brakes are always a must, but even more so with speedier bikes.
  • Having a carbon fibre fork is a big plus - they'll help you steer accurately.
  • Your new road bike must be the right size. You can always use our bike size guide to help you find your perfect set-up.

Road bikes at Halfords

Halfords have something for everyone and buying your bike from us has many benefits.

We’ll build your bike in-store, then give it a safety check for free. And, if you like the look of any of our bike accessories, we’ll fit them for free if you get them at the same time as the bike.

Plus, you can bring your new bike to your local Halfords for a free service after 6 weeks so that one of our technicians can make sure it’s still in top condition.

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