Holding Icon What are Fixie Bikes?

Fixie bikes are new and stylish bikes that give riders more control than any other kind of bike. They're called fixie bikes because they've got a fixed gear and a single speed.

You also can't freewheel on a fixie bike, because when the rear wheel turns, so do the pedals. Because there's no coasting, you need to put the effort in if you want to go fast.

What are Fixie Bikes?
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Why are fixie bikes so popular?

Why are fixie bikes so popular
Increased control of your rear wheel
  • These bikes have been stripped back, so they've got a retro style and are becoming really trendy in cities like New York and London.
  • Because you can't coast, they work your strength and stamina hard and combine fashion with fitness.
  • They solve a problem if you just can't decide between a mountain bike, a road bike or even a hybrid.
  • The lack of gears makes them easy to clean and cheaper to maintain.
  • Some fixie bikes let the rider choose whether they want to freewheel or not.
  • The fixed gear gives you increased control of your rear wheel, especially in wet and slippery conditions.

Fixie bikes at Halfords

We've got lots of fixie bikes, including the ones with the flip-flop hub that lets you choose whether you want to freewheel or not. We can build your bike for free and, when we're finished, you can pick it up at your local Halfords store or arrange to have it delivered.

You can also bring your new fixie bike in for a free 6-week service where one of our technicians will make sure it's still in top condition. Just select 'click and collect' so we can get started.

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