Holding Icon GPS Watches Buyer's Guide

If you're looking to get fit, a GPS watch can be one of your best friends! Packed with features to keep track of your progress, they make excellent training tools, even if you?re just looking to shed a few pounds. Need some motivation? Check out the guide below!

GPS Watches Buyer's Guide

Why buy a GPS watch?

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GPS watches collect a lot of data. Each time you go for a run, GPS technology will track your speed, distance ran etc. - which you can then use to decide whether or not you're working hard enough! You can use this info for more than just getting fit. Uploading GPS watch data to a computer is now commonplace and a great way to keep track of your progress, as well as sharing it with others.

GPS Running Watches - Basic Features

  • Display - A very important feature, your GPS display should be easy to read and show essential information.
  • Memory - All those lap times don't just disappear, you know? Comparing old and new records is a great way of working out your progress.
  • Ease of Use - Buttons and controls should be easy enough to operate on the move.

GPS Running Watches - Advanced Features

  • Heart Rate Monitor - The Heart Rate Monitor is useful for setting an 'ideal' heart rate for yourself, which is an accurate way of working out how many calories are burnt during your workout.
  • Data Downloads - Storing data on your PC makes it easy to catalogue workouts. There are even a few models that connect to computers wirelessly!
  • High-sensitivity GPS - High-sensitivity GPS can home in on your location even around obtrusions such as tall buildings. Pretty handy, right?
  • Virtual Partner - The virtual partner provides competition in the case you don't have a running buddy. You can also 'race' against a previous time.

GPS Running Watches at Halfords

With a wide range of both basic and complex GPS watches, Halfords has you covered whatever you decide to go for. We also have a variety of other GPS products tailored to sports, as well as handheld items. Pick one up in store or online today.

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