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There are loads of kids' bikes out there, so picking the right one can be tricky. Your kids may only care what the bike looks like, but there's much more for you to think about.

Kids Bikes Buyers Guide
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Getting the size right

All kids need to feel safe and comfortable on a bike, whether they admit it or not! And they'll only make the most of their new wheels if they're confident.

Getting the size of your child's bike right it crucial - if it's too big or too small, it'll be trickier to ride and could cause an accident.

Kids' bikes at Halfords

Halfords has the UK's largest range of kids' bikes, with all sorts of colours, sizes and designs. All the kids' bikes at Halfords are safe, comfortable and suitable for boys and girls aged 2 and over.

  • Our Apollo bikes have strong wheels and easy-reach brakes, making them a great bike for beginners.
  • The Carrera bikes are light and bright with especially funky designs.
  • We stock loads of bikes featuring characters from the latest Disney films.
  • If your kid is that little bit older, check out our mountain bikes and BMX bikes.
  • Kids' bikes will take a hammering more than most bikes, so why not check out one of our kids' bike care plans? We offer free labour for all maintenance and repairs over 3 years to give you peace of mind.

We can help

Why not take your little one into a local Halfords so we can make sure they're getting the right sized bike?

If you can't get to us then be aware that bike size is more a question of height than age. When your child is on the saddle both their tip-toes should be firmly on the floor.

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