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Think cyclist

THINK CYCLIST is a governmental campaign that is focused on improving road safety for both cyclists and drivers. This is the first time that THINK has targeted cyclists and drivers together and the campaign calls on both parties to look out for each other.

The campaign points out that drivers and cyclists have more in common than is often realised. With 80% of cyclists holding a valid driving licence and 1 in 5 drivers being an active cyclist they are often the same people. Road users should therefore be working together to build a culture of mutual respect and shared responsibility on the road.

Now more than ever the importance of road safety is a key issue as there is a peak in accidents involving cyclists.

The THINK Cyclist Poll

Think cyclist poll

A poll for the Department for Transport's THINK CYCLIST campaign found that 25% of UK adults are noticing more cyclists on the road after our cycling summer of success. ¹The poll also showed that:

  • Looking twice for each other when turning or at junctions came out top for both as the precaution that would avoid the most collisions (41% of regular cyclists, and 35% of regular car drivers).
  • Both also agree on how to make things better, with 67% of cyclists and 59% of drivers saying that giving each other space on the road was in their top three ways of making cyclists and drivers more visible to road users.

¹You Gov poll of 2117 adults, 21-23 August 2012

THINK Cyclist is calling on drivers and cyclists to:

  • Look out for each other, especially when turning
  • Signal intentions so that the other road user can react
  • Give cyclists space and remember that cyclists are advised to ride well clear of the kerb to be visible and avoid collisions

When you're driving

  1. Look out for cyclists, especially when turning - make eye contact if possible so they know you've seen them
  2. Use your indicators - signal your intentions so that cyclists can react
  3. Give cyclists space - at least half a car's width. If there isn't sufficient space to pass, hold back. Remember that cyclists may need to manoeuvre suddenly if the road is poor, it's windy or if a car door is opened.
  4. Always check for cyclists when you open your car door
  5. Avoid driving over advanced stop lines - these allow cyclists to get to the front and increase their visibility
  6. Follow the Highway Code including 'stop' and 'give way' signs and traffic lights

When you're cycling

  1. Ride positively, decisively and well clear of the kerb - look and signal to show drivers what you plan to do and make eye contact where possible so you know drivers have seen you.
  2. Avoid riding up the inside of large vehicles, like lorries or buses, where you might not be seen
  3. Always use lights after dark or when visibility is poor
  4. Wearing light coloured or reflective clothing during the day and reflective clothing and/or accessories in the dark increases your visibility
  5. Follow the Highway Code including observing 'stop' and 'give way' signs and traffic lights
  6. THINK! recommends wearing a correctly fitted cycle helmet, which is securely fastened and conforms to current regulations

Think Cyclist and Halfords

Halfords fully supports the THINK CYCLIST campaign and more information will be coming soon on Halfords' association with THINK CYCLIST.

Cyclists, be safe and be seen this autumn with our range of lights and high visibility clothing.