Holding Icon How to Repair a Bike Puncture

If you ride your bike regularly, you'll probably end up with a puncture at some point. But it's easy to repair and we can help you get back on the saddle in under 30 minutes.
How to Repair a Bike Puncture

Checklist for puncture repairs

  • tyre lever
  • spanner
  • spare inner tube
  • bike pump
  • repair kit
  • chalk, crayon, sandpaper

Part 1 - taking out the inner tube

  1. Remove anything that may have caused the puncture, like a thorn or a nail.
  2. Loosen the wheel nuts with a spanner (or undo the quick release bolts if your bike has those instead). Check that the inner tube is deflated.
  3. Grab the wheel on the opposite side to the valve. Insert the flat end of a tyre lever into the gap, then hook the other end onto a spoke.
  4. Move the tyre around about 4-5 inches and repeat step 3, working your way round the whole tyre.
  5. Remove the inner tube one. When it's out, remove anything that might have caused the puncture.
  6. If you've got a spare inner tube, insert it and pump it up. If not, follow the steps for repairing the puncture.

Part 2 - repairing the puncture

  1. Find where the puncture is. Either listen for air or put the tube in some water and look for bubbles. Mark the hole with the crayon.
  2. Roughen the area around the hole with sandpaper, then stick on the patch from the repair kit.
  3. Put a small amount of air in the tube, put it back into the wheel, then tuck the tyre back over the wheel rim.
  4. Push the valve back into the hole, seat the tyre and pull the valve back through.
  5. Pump the tyre back up to the correct pressure and put the wheel back on your bike.

Here's a great tip?

If you get a puncture when you're out riding it's easier to just replace the inner tube. Simply follow the instructions for taking out the inner tube and repair the puncture when you get back home.

Halfords are here to help

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