Holding Icon What do you need to be safe on a bike?

Bike safety is important and if you've got the right safety gear, you'll enjoy cycling a lot more.

There are loads of different things you can get to protect yourself from bumps and bruises and the stuff you need depends on the type of cycling you'll be doing.

What do you need to be safe on a bike?

Bike helmets

Regardless of how you'll be using your bike, having a helmet is absolutely essential to protect your head if you ever come off. Check out our guide to buying the right helmet.

High-visibility clothing

You should always make sure you can be seen on your bike. Eye-catching neon and reflective materials will do that in the day as well as at night. Take a look at our range of clothing to get kitted out in a safe and stylish way.

Cycling gloves

These will keep your hands warm on a winter's ride. Good bike gloves will also improve the grip you have on the handlebars so you can take on those tight corners and big jumps.


Investing in proper cycling shoes will take your bike rides to the next level. Cycling shoes will protect your feet from bumps and grazes and increase the grip you have on your pedals. Perfect for reaching those top speeds!

Rear-mounted cycle carriers

Extreme riding

If you're into BMXing, dirt jumping or mountain biking, Halfords have a range of safety gear specially designed for extreme riding. Body armour, full-face helmets and cycling masks - you name it, we've got it covered.

Get your gear online

Halfords' cycling safety equipment and accessories are all available online. Just select 'click and collect' to order and then pick your items up from your local store. Or you can arrange for your safety gear to be delivered if you prefer.