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Hybrid Bikes Buyers Guide + Video

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A hybrid bike is a great all-rounder, getting you to work in the week and off road at the weekend.

Hybrid bikes - the best of both worlds

If you're after a bike that will get you to and from work as well as taking you off-road at the weekend, your best bet is a hybrid bike.

What is a hybrid bike?

They combine the best bits of road bikes and mountain bikes, so you get all the key features of both. The toughness of a mountain bike plus the speed of a road bike means you'll be able to ride anywhere and tackle any terrain.

Our range of hybrid bikes has loads of different designs and specs, but you'll always get comfort, a solid steel aluminium frame and ultra-versatile tyres.

You can still fit all the accessories you need to a hybrid bike. So if you want mudguards, chainguards and a comfy saddle, they're all really easy to add.

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How do I know which one is right for me?

We'll help you decide. If you're planning on using your new bike a lot, you're better off going for a quality brand like Carrera or Boardman. If you'll only be cycling every now and again, one of our super-value brands will fit the bill.

Hybrid bikes at Halfords

Don't forget that we can build your hybrid bike in-store for free. We'll also fit any of our bike accessories if you get them at the same time as the bike. Plus, you can bring your new bike to your local Halfords for a free service after 6 weeks so that one of our technicians can make sure it's still in top condition.

When you've decided on your hybrid bike, just pop it into your basket. Then click and collect to either pick it up in store or have it delivered.

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