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Pressure Washers Buyers Guide + Video

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Got some serious cleaning to do? Take a look at our pressure washer buyer's guide to help you choose the right one for you.

Pressure Washers Buyer's Guide

Mucky car? Grimy patio? Pressure washers can save you huge amounts of time when cleaning items and surfaces, restoring them to their squeaky clean former glory. Pressure washers work by increasing your standard tap pressure by over 100 times, making it much easier to remove stubborn grime and dirt from your car, garden paths and patios. They're also faster than hose pipes and use less water - making them eco-friendlier and more cost-effective.

Which Pressure Washer Should I Buy?

Here are some of the features of pressure washers to help you decide:

  • Rate Pressure (measured in bars) - This tells you how much force is behind the water - the higher the pressure, the greater the dirt-shifting power.
  • Flow Rate - This is the volume of water the pressure washer uses in an hour (in litres). The higher the flow rate, the bigger the area you can clean in a given amount of time.
  • Wattage - This indicates the size of the motor in the pressure washer - a higher wattage gives you more cleaning power and improved performance.
  • Hose Length - The longer the hose the more reach you?ll have. It's a good idea to measure your working area before buying to check you can reach round to all the areas you need.
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Take a look at our pressure washer comparison chart to see the key stats of our popular pressure washers.

Pressure washers can also have handy features like auto stop buttons, wheels and retractable hoses to make life that bit easier.

Getting Your Pressure Washer From Halfords

Here at Halfords we've got pressure washers and accessories galore, from brushes and sponges to nozzles and connectors, as well as special detergents that will help to shift grime and dirt. Use click and collect to get your washer sent to your local store, or choose delivery to get it sent to your home.

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