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Festival Camping Buyers Guide

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Make sure you're fully kitted out with this handy festival camping guide.

Festival Camping Buyers Guide

So you're heading to a festival are you? Lucky thing! Well, as you'll be living outside for a few days let's make sure you've got all the gear you need to have the time of your life. We've got plenty of tips below to ensure you enjoy fun and comfy camping.

What are the essentials?

Let's start with the basics - you'll definitely need a festival tent to shelter you from the Great British weather. Most people normally take a 1-2 man tent or pop up tent, as they tend to be light, cheap and quick to pitch.

Second, you'll need some sleeping equipment. Sleep isn't always the first thing on people's minds at a festival, but you'll have to take a break from partying at some point! At the very least take a sleeping bag, pillow and camping mat. Also, don't forget camping lights.

Thirdly, you need enough clothing to last the weekend - a mixture of warm, cool and waterproof items. Don't forget about outdoor clothing, to keep you protected from the elements! Wellies are usually a must - nothing dampens your mood at a festival more than wet feet! Plus, you'll need a rucksack to carry all this in of course.

Fancy a bit of luxury?

So you've packed the basics and have some room to spare. Things like the stuff listed below will help add a little luxury to your time away.

  • An airbed to sleep on and some camping furniture to sit on - you won't regret these!
  • Camping accessories like an eye-mask and ear plugs, toiletries (dry shampoo and baby wipes are very handy), or even a solar shower to beat the queues at the shower block
  • Cooking equipment - and food to save yourself a bit of moolah
  • Drinks and a coolbox - no need to drink warm beer
  • If you're going with a group of friends, taking a base tent or gazebo can provide a dry, warm place for you all to relax

A heads-up

To get the most out of your festival camping experience, get there early. This means you're more likely to get a prime spot to set up your tent, and can relax with a drink while everyone else is trying to squeeze theirs into the last bit of space on the field.

Also make sure you take all your camping gear with you when you leave - dumping it is bad for the environment, plus it will save you buying it all over again next year. Being hungover is not an excuse!

Where can I get the stuff I need?

Why, Halfords of course! We're not here to just sit and look pretty. has loads of camping equipment and accessories available to ensure you're a happy camper. Buy your bits and bobs online and collect in-store or get them delivered straight to your place. Piece of cake!

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