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Bulbs Blades & Batteries at Halfords

At Halfords, we've made it really easy for you to choose the right products for your car with a handy tool on our site; simply enter your car registration number and it'll do the rest.

If you've noticed a bulb has gone on your car, whether you're looking for headlights, taillights, or even sidelight bulbs, we've got a great range of car bulbs suitable for any car.

Worn wiper blades can really affect your confidence when driving, so it may be time to fit a new set of wiper blades. Check out or range of wiper blades including Bosch, Valeo or Halfords own.

Car batteries don't last forever. Give your car a new burst of life and choose from a range of car batteries including the new Yuasa car batteries with a 5 year guarantee.