661 DJ Knee guards

  • Black/Cyan
661 DJ Knee guards

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661 DJ Knee guard, Black/Cyan

A bang on the knee can be extremely painful, so why would you expose yourself to that?! The 661 DJ Knee guards, Black/Cyan have been made to save you pain. Although we don`t wish any sort of injury, we know the dangers that come with cycling. The knee guards provide exceptional protection with an ABS cap. They have been designed for comfort too, using biofoam and pre curved chassis to sit on the leg in a natural position for your comfort. The guards have Velcro closure to ensure they stay in place ready to protect your knees.

661 DJ Knee guards, Black/Cyan Extra Info

  • 40% EVA, 35% plastic, 25% polyester
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661 DJ Knee guards

£27.99 661 DJ Knee guards will give you the confidence that you are protected on your ride