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Loctite Quick Gasket 200ml

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Loctite Quick Gasket 200ml

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Loctite Quick Gasket product description

The Loctite Quick Gasket forms a permanently flexible flange sealant for non-rigid flanges and for plastic-to-plastic and metal-to plastic assemblies. It can also replace conventional solid gaskets.

Features & benefits of Loctite Quick Gasket

  • Continuous service temperature up to 200°C, intermittent up to 260°C
  • Instant seal gasket straight-from-the-can
  • Easy to use
  • Meets major automotive manufacturer specifications
  • Applications: oil pans, housing, covers, engines, gearboxes, water pumps, etc.
  • Very good vibration resistance
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Loctite Quick Gasket 200ml

£16.49 Loctite Quick Gasket is a flexible flange sealant that can even replace conventional solid gaskets.