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Belkin Cassette Adapter

Belkin Cassette Adapter

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Belkin Cassette Adapter

Does your car still have a cassette radio when everyone else has a fancy DAB radio with streaming capabilities? Well, the Belkin Cassette Adapter won`t change that. What it will change, though, is the ability to listen to your MP3 player. At last! You can finally get rid of your mum`s old Phil Collins tapes and swap it for some *insert current popular artist here*. (Though you can still listen to Phil Collins if you fancy. We won`t tell.)
The techy bit: This adapter fits front- and side-loading cassette players and the cable will allow you to plug in any device with a headphone jack.

Belkin Cassette Adapter Extra Info

  • Fits front- and side-loading cassette players
  • 4 ft. cable
  • 3.5mm connector
  • Plugs into your iPod, MP3, CD player, Walkman, PC, or laptop
  • Features inner-magnetic and shake-resistant design
  • Comes with a Belkin lifetime warranty
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Belkin Cassette Adapter

£12.99 Bring the 90s (cassettes) into the 21st century (MP3s) with the Belkin Cassette Adapter.