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Halfords Tube Seal 250ml

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Halfords Tube Seal 250ml

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halfords tube seal 250ml

If you're fed up of swapping over inner tubes each time you get a puncture, then try Halfords Tube Seal. Squeeze this gunk into your tube, fit it back on and spin the wheel a few times and you're sorted. Should you get a puncture the sealant will block up the hole, keeping the air in.

Halfords tube seal 250ml extra info

  • Seals hundreds of punctures
  • Install and forget
  • Sufficient for two tyres
  • Suitable for Schrader (car type) valves only
  • With a few revolutions of the wheel the tyre will be completely protected against many tyre tread punctures up to 3mm in diameter


Side wall punctures and larger holes will not be sealed by any tube sealant.
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Halfords Tube Seal 250ml

£7.99 Halfords Tube Seal 250ml makes changing inner tubes a thing of the past.