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Trillogy Savage Window Tint Film - Light Smoke (76x152cm)

Trillogy Savage Window Tint Film - Light Smoke (76x152cm)

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Trillogy Savage Window Tint film product description

This high quality window tinting kit will transform the look of your car. The tint is easy to fit and will reduce glare and heat from the sun, blocking 98% of UV rays.

How to fit window tint

features and benefits of the window tint film

  • High quality film, for a professional look
  • Full instructions included, for an easy DIY fit
  • Reduces heat and glare from the sun, for a more comfortable ride
  • Dual purpose, can be used in your car or at home
  • Dimensions: 76cm x 125cm

Additional Information

Self application - No fitting service available

The Law - "Under regulations first issued 20 years ago and clarified three years ago, the windscreen must allow in at least 75 per cent of light while at least 70 per cent must pass through the driver's side windows"

The Highway Code - "You MUST NOT use a vehicle with excessively dark tinting applied to the windsceen, or to the glass in any front window to either side of the driver. Window tinting applied during manufacture complies with the Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) standards. There are no VLT limits for rear windscreen or rear passenger windows"
Trillogy Savage Tints & Strips

Trillogy Savage Window Tint Film - Light Smoke (76x152cm)

£14.99 Give your car a brand new look, with the Trillogy Savage Window Tint Film in a Light Smoke shade.