Cat code: 608174

Car Pinstripe 12mm - Red

Car Pinstripe 12mm - Red

Car Stripe Product Description

The red Car Pinstripe comes in an approximately nine metre long roll that can be easily applied to your car exterior, personalising you car bodywork.

Features and Benefits of the Car Stripe

  • Red, 12mm pinstripe for an ultimate look
  • Self adhesive, for your convenience
  • Also available in black and silver

Fitting Instructions & Information

  • Always ensure that the car bodywork is clean & degreased
  • Use a solution of warm water with a few drops of detergent
  • Place the graphic in place & smooth with a dry, soft cloth
  • Apply to cool bodywork at air temperature between 16c and 27C in dust free conditions
  • Be careful not to stretch the stripe
  • Do not wash your car for 72 hours after application

Due to a variation in paint surfaces no guarantee is implied or expressed concerning removability or consequent damage to paintwork.

They are not recommended for application to newly re-sprayed bodywork for at least one month.