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Millers Petrol Power Ecomax 500ml

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Millers Petrol Power Ecomax 500ml

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Millers Petrol Power Ecomax Product description

The Millers Petrol Power Ecomax increase the octane rating of your fuel by 2 numbers. It also aids efficiency and cleanliness of petrol injectors and carburettor jets and the detergents clean and maintain the engine and fuel systems.

features & benefits of Millers Petrol Power Ecomax

  • 500ml bottle treats 10 50 litre tanks
  • Increase power & MPG
  • Reduces emissions
  • Cleans injectors
  • Adds up to 2 octane numbers
  • For use in all petrol engines

Additional Information

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (The FBHVC) is pleased to announce the results of its fuel stability additive test programme. This research was designed to test the anti corrosive properties of proprietary additives claiming to provide a high level of protection against potential corrosion of fuel systems, including tanks, pipework and fuel metering equipment on historic vehicles caused by the addition of ethanol into petrol. Millers Oils VSPe Power Plus, VSPe & EPS all received and 'A' rating in the research which enables all these products carry an endorsement from the FBHVC.
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Millers Petrol Power Ecomax 500ml

£12.99 Millers Petrol Power Ecomax octane booster & detergent adds 2 octane numbers to unleaded fuel.