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Halfords Small Dog Harness

Halfords Small Dog Harness

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Halfords Small Dog Harness Product Description

The Halfords Small Dog Harness is designed to be fully adjustable so that it can work in any car with any seatbelt. The harness is simple and easy to secure and it allows your dog to travel with you safely in the car, and the soft material also ensures your dog is comfortable. When you have finished your journey the harness can also be attached to your dogs lead, so you can take them straight out of the car and off on a walk.

Features and Benefits of the Halfords Small Dog Harness

  • Essential for dog and passenger safety
  • Lightweight and simple to fit
  • Attaches to either your cars seatbelt or your dogs lead
  • Designed to be fully adjustable so will work with any seatbelt

Additional Information

The Highway Code rule 57 requires that when travelling in a vehicle dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you or cause injury to you, or themselves, in the event that you have to stop quickly. You can ensure that you are transporting your pet safely by using a seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog crate or dog guard.

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Halfords Small Dog Harness

£14.99 The Halfords Small Dog Harness is quick and easy to attach to all seatbelts to help prevent your dog from injury when travelling in the car.