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Storm Graphics Bulldog Car Sticker

Storm Graphics Bulldog Car Sticker

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Bulldog Car Sticker Product Description

The Storm Graphics Bulldog Car Sticker is an easy to apply, self adhesive printed graphic, which can be applied to your vehicle's bodywork, adding a distinctive look to your car.

It is suitable for use outside and is UV stable so withstands exposure to sunlight and is suitable for temperatures between -30C and +70C.

Features & Benefits of Storm Graphics Bulldog

  • Easy to apply with self adhesive backing
  • UV stable suitable for outdoor use
  • Contains: 1 x printed graphic (approx) 80mm x 110mm

Fitting Instructions & Information

  • Always ensure that the car bodywork is clean & degreased
  • Use a solution of warm water with a few drops of detergent
  • Place the graphic in place & smooth with a dry, soft cloth
  • Apply to cool bodywork at air temperature over 15C in dust free conditions
  • To remove, gently warm with a hairdryer to soften the adhesive & peel the graphic back on itself
  • Use meths to remove adhesive & dirt residue

Due to a variation in paint surfaces no guarantee is implied or expressed concerning removability or consequent damage to paintwork.

They are not recommended for application to newly re-sprayed bodywork for at least one month.

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Storm Graphics Bulldog Car Sticker

£4.99 The Storm Graphics Bulldog car sticker is easy to apply to your vehicle's bodywork to create a distinctive look.