Cat code: 283429

Infant Toboggan Sledge

Infant Toboggan Sledge

Infant Toboggan Sledge

The Infant Toboggan Sledge is perfect for smaller children to enjoy the snow safely. It has been designed with a raised seating area and foot rests to keep your child above the cold snow, while the high backrest and sides hold them in securely. The padded seat gives added warmth and cushioning during bumpy rides, with an adjustable seatbelt for added safety.

Features & Benefits of the Infant Toboggan Sledge

  • Safe infant toboggan for smaller children
  • High back seat to hold your child comfortably
  • Raised support rails and seating area keep your child away from cold snow
  • Wider design allows a smoother ride
  • Long towrope gives more control and comfort when towing
  • Adjustable seatbelt for added safety
  • Colour: Blue