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Universal Multigrip Snow Socks Medium

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Universal Multigrip Snow Socks Medium

Universal Multigrip Medium Snow Socks Product Description

The Universal Multigrip Medium Snow Socks are a snow chain alternative that are easy to fit and lightweight, perfect for use in sporadic and sudden snowfall .

These snow socks give the grip needed on snow and icy roads to keep you moving. Now approved to be used as a snow chain equivalent in French ski resorts.

Please note: Snow socks are intended for use on snow covered roads only and should be removed before driving on clear roads to avoid damage to the product.

The size of snow socks compatible for your vehicle is dependent on the vehicles tyre size.

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Features and Benefits of the Universal Multigrip Medium Snow Socks

  • Comes in pack of 2 Snow Socks (required on Drive wheels only)
  • Less than 2 minutes to fit
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used time and time again
  • Easily stored, lightweight snow socks
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for cars with a limited wheel arch clearance
  • Compatible with ABS and ESP devices

Additional Information

When buying new snow socks it is advisable to practice fitting them in dry conditions, so you will be more comfortable fitting them when they are needed in snowy and icy conditions.

Install snow socks on the driving wheels of the vehicle. Drive slowly and with caution paying great attention. Do not exceed 40 km/h, avoid sudden acceleration and braking, slow down when taking a corner and avoid skidding.

How To Select the Right Snow Socks For Your Wheels

  • To see which snow socks are suitable for your car, you need to identify your tyre size. Your tyre size is displayed on the tyre wall and looks like the example below:
  • 185 70 R14
  • Tyre width: 185
  • Tyre profile: 70
  • Rim size: 14
Wheel Trim Selection Guide