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Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L - Citrus

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Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L - Citrus

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"We now put Bitrex in our screenwash and antifreeze products, to help protect your family. Officially the world's most bitter substance, just a tiny amount of Bitrex makes our products extremely unpalatable - and therefore safer - by helping prevent your children and pets from accidentally swallowing something they shouldn't."

Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L - Citrus

The Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L is ideal for very cold weather if used neat. You can also use this screenwash all year round when mixed with water to keep your screen free from bugs, dirt and road grime.

Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L - Citrus Extra Info

  • Very concentrated formula is safe and non-toxic
  • Use all year round and neat during very cold weather
  • Keeps washer jets free
  • Clears bugs, dirt and road grime
  • Helps prevent screen refreezing
  • Contains Bitrex
  • Fresh citrus fragrance
  • Size: 5L

Halfords -20 Concentrate Screen Wash is a concentrated formula, with additional detergents and water softeners to enable the breakdown of grease and grime even when the product is diluted up-to a 5:1 ratio with water.  Halfords also sells a -20 Ready Mixed Screen Wash which is a convenient formulation that can be poured straight into your washer bottle.
Halfords Screenwash & De-Icer

Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L - Citrus

£7.49 Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash helps prevent your screen refreezing.