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    Ladder and Step Ladders

    Here at Halfords, we've got a great range of ladders and step ladders for you to choose from. Remember, even if you're not a professional decorator or home improvement guru, a quality ladder is still an important addition to any household. If you?re a DIY enthusiast it?s an essential piece of equipment to have. Remember, never balance on a chair or table. Get hold of a quality ladder to help you tackle all of those household tasks. Painting, cleaning, repairs, trimming hedges or getting into the loft are just some of the uses for one of our quality ladders.

    Choose the right type of ladder design for the nature of the work you do. For those who will be using the ladder mainly indoors, look at the range of step ladders available for a sturdy, balanced platform to work from. If you?re outside braving the elements, look for a longer ladder that can be anchored or extended. Ladders are available in different sizes and shapes for a variety of tasks, so there's something for everyone's needs at Halfords.

    After deciding on which style of ladder you need, choosing the correct size or length is just as important for safely performing the tasks the ladder is bought for. The most common mistake is purchasing a ladder that is either too long or too short for your needs, thus making it unstable or putting you into a dangerous position when climbing it. Make sure you've chosen a ladder that is the right size for you and the intended tasks.

    Checking the load capacity of your new ladder is really important too. Look at the weight they can take and consider both your own weight and the weight of anything you?ll be taking up. Think of the weight of paint pots, brushes, tools or protective clothing you'll be wearing. When choosing a ladder, make sure that the load capacity will hold you and your tools is important. The load capacity should include your own weight plus the weight of materials you will be carrying. Different ladder materials offer characteristics that are best for certain applications and one kind of material may be better suited to your work environment or work application, so it's encouraged to read up on each ladder before you decide to purchase it.